Por qué.

"Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, small people talk about... other people."

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

• Segundo trago de dolor

Aunque no tiene nada que ver con el primero.
Pero las emociones me invaden. Sí, no suelen hacerlo. A veces soy muy fría. Y justamente ahora me quiebro. Justo ahora. Siempre en el peor momento.
I've got a crush. I would pay to have freckles. I WILL pay to be blonde. I would kill to get the girl.

Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just don't belong
And no one understands you
Do you ever wanna runaway?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears you screaming.
Do you wanna be somebody else?
Are you sick of feeling so left out?
Are you desperate to find something more?
Before your life is over
Are you stuck inside a world you hate?
Are you sick of everyone around?
With their big fake smiles and stupid lies
While deep inside you're bleeding.

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