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martes, 2 de diciembre de 2008

• Just in case

What’s the most difficult ballet for you?
Raymonda. It’s a huge ballet, and Nureyev is so complicated, it is the most difficult ballet of my life. You have six or seven variation, three pas de deux, at the end you are dead. It’s good to do it because you keep a good technique, when you can dance this you can dance everything. But for me it’s too much, it’s like eating too much. There is a lot of technique in this ballet but the pleasure is very little. When you work with a choreographer you can meet each other or not, sometimes you can have a fight but you can feel something. With Nureyev of course it’s different because he is dead. So, sometimes I’m a little bit frustrated with his choreography because I don’t like to work only on videos, or with other dancers who say: “I was doing this” and another one “no, I was doing that”.

What will you do in the future?
Good question. I would like to have a family, very much, I can’t imagine myself without children. Before the end of my career, I hope. I don’t know if I want to stay in the dance world. Maybe I would like to work with children, to share. But for me dance is a game: everything is very soft, very light. I'm not doing this work to see my name in a book when I’ll be dead.

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