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"Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, small people talk about... other people."

jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009

• Screaming at the top of my voice

50 facts about me:
1. I need to sleep more than most people.
2. I love tea and coffee.
3. Maths is my favorite subject of all times.
4. I tend to think about me a lot more than I should.
5. Some people think I'm emo.
6. Half the people that know me assume I'm a geek.
7. I still dream of being a ballerina, though I know it's impossible.
8. I'm very careful not to bother people, maybe too much.
9. Ballet classes are the only times I feel I can conquer the world. Even when it's just the feeling of a well landed pirouette.
10. I need my cellphone to survive.
11. I can be very jealous and very protective, and I'm not proud of it.
12. I'm proud of the food I cook.
13. I hate corny love songs, but I love it when people are corny in real life.
14. I'm short but I'm not petite.
15. I tend to do exactly what's worst for me, instead of what's best.
16. I have deep thoughts, but I don't know how to put them in words.
17. I like being pale.
18. That doesn't mean I don't like tans. Just not on me.
19. I hate to lie.
20. I always step on stones when I walk.
21. I don't want to grow older. Just my age is okay.
22. I want to have daughters someday and name them Anne-marie and Irina.
23. If I happen to have sons, I'll let someone else name them because I have no ideas for boy names.
24. I'm afraid to ride motorcicles with or without a helmet.
25. My mom raised me not to question what she says, and I hate that.
26. I want to speak russian, french, german and danish.
27. I already speak english, spanish and italian.
28. I don't have a best friend, but I have a lot of friends.
29. I love cats and my cat is like my therapist.
30. When I grow up I want to live in Europe.
31. I don't like meat.
32. I want to major in many things.
34. I love knowledge. I love to learn and know everything.
35. I don't like studying, though.
36. I think everything twice or twenty times before I do it.
37. Blue is my favorite color.
38. The song Whatsername by Green Day always makes me feel sad.
39. I don't believe neither in luck nor in destiny.
40. I want to play the piano but I never find the moment to start learning.
41. I always need to have money, keys and cellphone when I leave home or I feel unprotected somehow.
42. I'm paranoid about time, and I always reach my destinations at least fime minutes early.
43. I set my clocks five minutes late so I don't arrive too early.
44. I hate to walk to travel, but I love to walk to pass the time.
45. I can't park a car.
46. I've watched almost every ballet video on youtube.
47. I know the names of all the dancers in those videos, and I know the choreographies by heart.
48. I have to eat something sweet everyday or I feel like I've missed something.
49. I am afraid of heights.
50. When I have some trouble, I go to sleep.

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